The First Lady Meets…Lekhem the Baka Boi!

December 12, 2011

Lekhem the “Baker boy”

You started rapping in 2010, what took you so long dude? (He’s got skills)

LEK: I actually started rapping from around the age of 13. I was always told that I had a talent for it and it was even rapping that I actually started doing when I decided to get into music for myself. I was rapping with P. Duro (producer of ‘The Corner’ on ‘The Raise EP’) and we wanted original beats so I started producing and my love for that quickly grew, so I decided to place my focus there. In 2010, I decided to go ahead and revive the rapping aspect of my career while continuing to produce.

Your family are musical tell us about how this shaped you as an artist?

LEK: My earliest memories are all surrounded music. I remember visiting studio sessions with my dad and seeing various artists in their element. It taught me to highly understand the depth and intense work that goes into making good records. Because of all that I saw as a child, when I got into it myself I didn’t get that “fish-out-of-water”, or overwhelming feeling.

Outside of your family who are your musical influences?

LEK: Many! From Herbie Hancock, to Bob Marley, Carlos Santana to J. Dilla and that’s not even scratching the surface. I’m influenced by so many different ppl. The fact I am an artist/producer/musician/engineer all add to who inspires me. I’ve got a list for every field.

Your music is unlike a lot of the hip hop coming out of the UK, how would you describe your sound?

I blend all my influences together to create soulful hip hop with truthful and relateable lyrics. With influences from all different ranges and genres, every track brings its own unique element to the listener’s ear.

What is your favourite track?

LEK: Its very hard for me to say what record has been my fav this year. I can say one record I’m currently into from mainstream is Drake – Lord Knows. From my EP, it’s a toss-up between Love Of Hip Hop, Superhero or Brand New Shoes.

What does 2012 hold for the BakaBoi?

A LOT of collaboration work and more from the production side of things. Its gonna be a very hard-working, productive and progressive year.

Where can we find you?

Twitter: @LekMuziq / @LekLane_ESP

Facebook: LekhemOfficial


Lek Music: (The Food)

Lek TV: (Telegenicz)

#TheRaiseEP download link:

Some mixtape info…

‘The Raise EP’ was released to the general public on 31 October 2011. The main download link racked up 586 hits in it’s first day, 3,150 in it’s first week, capping at 6,136 30 days later. Wanting to test the waters of the buzz we worked diligently to create from January (11) to now; we decided to take the unusual step of not distributing the mixtape to press until the first month was up. Therefore the numbers generated were based solely on Twitter, Facebook and Word of Mouth promotion. It’s safe to say we’re very proud! (ESP)

Erica Sharlette (aka wonder woman @ESPromotions I am telling you this woman is amazing, blog post coming soon!) introduced me to Lekhem’s music just before our May event ( She also put me on to Deer oh Deer if you don’t know get to know!  Anyway when Erica sent me Lekhem’s music I knew he had to perform at The First Lady event.  His music is is real, it is mature and it is quality unlike a lot of what we have on our airwaves.   I urge you to download both of his EP’s and press repeat, then come and watch his performance at The First Lady Fayre on 18th December!

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