Fred Deegbe – Chief Executive of HTW (Heel The World) – #InspirationalLeaders @HTWShoes

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Inspirational YOU interviews CEO Fred Deegbe.


Fred believes that some of the best things in the world can come from Africa. It was this conviction that inspired him to start Heel the World Shoe Company (HTW) which he co-founded in 2011.


Now as the company’s Chief Executive Office, Fred and his team are committed to helping other young people start and grow their own businesses. Prior to founding HTW, Fred worked at Amalbank and MMRS Ogilvy.

He graduated from Ashesi University in 2006, where he was the president of the Student’s Council. It was at Ashesi that Fred discovered and nurtured his interests in Africa, enterprise, and giving. His work has been featured on MTV, DSTV and CNN.

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He is a member of the African Leadership Network and the current curator of the WEF-inspired group the Accra Shapers Hub

What is your current role?

CEO of Heel The World

Can you tell me a little about your professional and personal background?

I studied Business administration in Ashesi University. Had a terrible year of job hunting and soul searching in the US in 2007. I went there to work and get money to invest in a t shirt company I had started with some friends called Made in Ghana (MIG). I returned disillusioned, quit the MIG dream and joined MMRS Ogilvy-an ad agency because I thought Ghanaians were talented but just needed better marketing. After a year there I joined a bank and did Service Quality Management  for a while before starting HTW on the side. Within 12 months of starting the company I sent my resignation letter.


Why did you start Heel the World Shoes and bracelets?

I started it because I wanted to give Hermes and Louis Vuitton a run for their money. Or at least, be in their face. For far too long Africa has been slighted on so many fronts, and mediums that we don’t even believe in ourselves anymore. A few years ago I went out to buy a pair of shoes in Osu (high end street in Ghana) and when I asked a wandering shoe-shine boy if the shoes could be made in Ghana he replied “IMPOSSIBLE”.  The painful thing was that there were a host of other more-educated people who thought the same and this made me wonder-if we cannot make our shoes,when are we going to make our own planes? I partnered with Vijay Manu in February 2011, after a year and half of research and experimentation and Heel The World was born.

The HTW Empowerment beads subsequently came about in April 2011 when we were invited to an event and wanted participants to leave with a memento that embodied the essence of the brand. Black is for the Hard Work, Gold is for the ultimate reward.

beads 2

HTW is no longer a shoe company, it is a lifestyle, it is a movement of the new Africa- the capable and fearless one.


What are your interests?

I am regular guy, who is a Chelsea FC football fan, enjoys basketball highlights and Italian food. I have become very tunnel vision since I began my company..  I am interested in nothing less than making it a success.

What is your mantra?

Do something before you die.

Who do you admire?

hmm…Walt Disney..or what is now known as the Disney Corporation.. How he used his imagination to build an empire that consisted of characters, film, music, theme parks, puppets, toys . He called it Imagineering.  I am working tirelessly to do a multiple number of things under the Heel The World brand.

How do you keep going when motivation and / or inspiration is waning?

I pray to God first because so much has happened that I didn’t plan for that someone out there has to be watching out for me so.  He needs to see me through from start to finish. I also watch videos on youtube of successful companies/people and when the desire for success re-emerges I transfer the energy back into Heel The World.

Any new happenings you care to share?

To celebrate the success of the beads, we are coming out with a four- fold Black and Gold collection: bead and jewellery line, leather accessories,a new range of shoes, and collaborations with some of Africa’s finest brands from the summer of 2014 – God-willing.


Online store:

Blog: heeltheworldglobal

Instagram: htwshoes

Twitter:  htwshoes

Facebook:   heel the world (HTW)

Email: info@htwshoes
YouTube: heeltheworldglobal

@SherryADixon – Beauty with confidence workshop – Tuesday 18th February – Inspire YOUth Haringey

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Tuesday 18th February 2014

Sherry Profile - Black and white dress

Motto: “I can and I will”.  I truly believe that I was born to motivate. I felt this since I was 6 years old and I told my grandmother.  She told me she knew I was special.  So I motivate and inspire at every opportunity I get.  It’s the only way I know how to be!

Sherry Dixon is highly respected in the ethnic community in Britain and developed a following of dedicated readers with her health, lifestyle, beauty and relationship articles.

Sherry Dixon is a renowned journalist who has edited two magazines – Pride Magazine and SHE Caribbean. Sherry has a consultancy, Sherry Dixon Consultancy, a Marketing and PR company and has also launched herself as a Motivational/Life Skills speaker. Sherry has written for many publications including The Guardian, Sunday Observer, The Times and The Voice and has done numerous television and radio shows helping to dispel the myths surrounding the health and beauty for women of colour.  With her wide span of knowledge of health, beauty and empowerment issues, Sherry Dixon has now become a sought after inspirational speaker sharing her life skills and vast knowledge to empower individuals worldwide.

Her quick wit, brilliant sense of humour and warmth make her a very popular woman which has won her many awards.

Sherry has recently been placed on the May cover of NUBIA Magazine and has graced the pages of the Washington Informer (USA), Makin Style Magazine (Caribbean based) and Conscious Vibes Magazine.

Sherry Profile - Purple and pink dress (1)

WORKSHOP – Tuesday 18th February – Beauty with confidence
Do you know how to apply your make-up? A make-up lesson is a great way to learn the special techniques that help you look gorgeous whether you are a consultant, a bride-to-be, have a special occasion, or simply want to update your everyday look. I understand how daunting it is to try out different make up and also how intimidating it is to stand in the middle of a store trying to choose your next addition to your make up bag and when you get it home it just isn’t you after all. Then you are faced with the dilemma of how to apply the product correctly. Application can be a nightmare, right colour choice and wrong application can be pure drama.
I have been playing with cosmetics since I was a child. My grandmother never left the house without applying powder and her favourite lipstick, even if it was just to go to the corner store or to the market. So it was only natural that I became interested in skincare and make-up as time went by. After becoming qualified as a Beautician, I realised that make-up application was my specialty and I went on to take further courses in Fashion Photographic and Stage and Film Make-up.
I have worked with major Brands such as Chanel, Prescriptives, Givenchy or Estee Lauder. Later I then became a celebrity makeup artist, Beauty Editor and then Editor of Pride Magazine & SHE Caribbean. Teaching professional make-up techniques in a simple way in my workshops has turned out to be such an exciting job, where every client is different with her own unique needs.
In my workshops I will work through
HOW TO: – choose correct colour tones so that you know what will suit you 100% and won’t just sit in your drawer and never be used. – Application is also very important once correct colours and suitable colours are found. Everybody is different so make up needs to be applied to suit the individual, to enhance best features and to hide little imperfections. My personal tuition has helped many people to gain confidence in wearing colours that bring out their natural beauty and look forward to putting it on every day.
I will show you how to • conceal dark under-eyes circles and bags • disguise pimples, scars and birthmarks • make your eyes look bigger, deeper or wider • create shapely eyebrows • select colours to suit your skin tone and eyes • shading, highlighting • Daytime to Evening and special occasions application • Applying false eyelashes … lots more….! You will learn how to apply make-up step-by-step so you can see clearly how to do it for yourself and/or on others. There is plenty of time to relax and ask me any questions.
Sherry Ann Dixon| Founder & Director | Women on the Crossroads
| e: |
 twitter:@sherryadixon | instagram: sherryanndixon | facebook: sherry.dixon | Skype: sherrydixon54

Interview with Natasha Reid – Proofreader – February 2014

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Inspirational YOU


Natasha Reid

photo[1] (1)

What is your current role?
Deputy Achievement Leader (Deputy Head of Year for a secondary school in south London).
Natasha Reid 6
Can you tell me a little about your professional and personal background? 
Professionally, I have worked in education for the past 13 years having both academic and pastoral roles with management and leadership responsibilities. Over the last two years, I discovered a natural eye for detail and the need to correct. A range of opportunities came my way enabling me to develop this skill as well as teach basic grammar, punctuation and general literacy to children up to adult age where english was not always an individuals first language. To this day, I still find it quite interesting that teaching, particularly the subject of English, and pursing an education at degree level, have all been a consistent legacy that lived in the hearts of the women in my own family, dating as far back as 18th century in Jamaica.
photo (4)Stories like these inspire me and make me proud to be an educator, a manager, a leader in education making a positive difference on the next generation I am responsible for / accountable to. For me, school was fun, because I messed about a lot when I should have focused on my learning. Because I had to retake several subjects, I left full-time compulsory education later than my peers. In my later years, I worked harder because it took that amount of time to value having an education/learning and the opportunities I was confronted with. Coupled with strong, old-school committed parents, grandparents and extended family, I have become who I am today.
What are your interests?  
I am interested in cooking, baking, listening to inspirational life-changing experiences, educational documentaries, discussing/debating current affairs/educational-related issues and the child/young adult within the education system.
What is your mantra? 
Whatever you do, do it with an excellent attitude. Also a wise proverb, ‘in all your getting, getting understanding’.
Who do you admire
No one individual. People in general, regardless of their background, present circumstances, makeup etc from many walks of life e.g. Dr Juanita Bynum, Margaret Thatcher, Bishop TD Jakes, Beyonce and Sonia Meggie…to name a few.
How do you keep going when motivation and / or inspiration is waning? 
I listen to music, mostly gospel, or to stories of people who have had challenging experiences, but overcome them; lessons learnt encourage, challenge and motivate me to keep going.
Any new happenings you care to share?
2014 is definitely a new season for me. Many opportunities are coming my way and i’m seizing them like never before…watch this space!
Where can we find you?
Instagram: Natasha Reid
Facebook: Natasha Reid

Indivisual fashion – Inspirational YOU fashion show – Saturday 23rd March

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Indivisual @amindividual fashion participated in our Inspirational YOU fashion show on Saturday 23rd March at Birkbeck, University of London.

logo indivisual

Adekeye Adeneye Oduneye aka Kay; Nigerian born bespoke fashion designer from a creative and media production background with extensive experience in  retail, marketing and sales working in stores such as Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols

photo (1)

My fashion journey started up with the aim of sourcing clothes that fit me perfectly but based on complements often received from friends and family,  I realised there was a real niche and decided to pursue it.

I draw inspiration from the talented Tom Ford who I believe makes fashion classy and stylish. I also admire his diversity in business i.e. his ability to be a media mogul and still remain a globally recognised designer.

Indivisual Fashion (originally called Individual collections) started in 2010; our ethos is to deliver an exceptional and consistent professional service with every order.Bespoke with a twist”, a combination of exquisite style and a passion for ingenuity, Indivisual revolutionises the bespoke tailoring market and creates a new fashion ethic to suit a wide range of individuals.

My aim for Indivisual Fashion is providing our clients with an effortless look whilst adding a personal touch. Every piece is given our undivided attention.

INDIVISUAL FASHIONthe detail is in the Visual.

Jessica Maë – Inspirational YOUth fashion show – Saturday 23rd March

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Jessica Maë is participated in our Inspirational YOU fashion show on Saturday 23rd March.


Jessica Maë is a premium women’s fashion brand, offering both ready-to-wear pieces in addition to a bespoke service.

Specialising in exclusive and high quality designs that are ethically manufactured; we offer sharp tailoring, luxury fabrics and classic designs.

The Jessica Maë collection offers classic and timeless pieces. Every design is an investment, a graceful addition to every tasteful, sophisticated yet subtle, woman’s wardrobe.


After all, every woman will always need that perfect white shirt, and matchless little black dress!

Our Services:-

Jessica Maë – Bespoke – Made to measure clothing, using the finest hand finishes and tailored to your measurements.


Jessica Maë – ClassicsReady-to-wear items which can be found in specialist boutiques and retailing soon on our website.

IMG_4504What we believeWith a focus on active engagement, we believe more of a difference can be made in the world and through charitable organisations than mere philanthropic giving. Our aim: – to make a real change in the world. Not merely by engaging in, or encouraging philanthropic giving but by encouraging the engagement and awareness of social injustice issues, without sacrificing luxury or style as a brand and as a lifestyle.Our Aims- To create staple wardrobe pieces you’ll want to wear time and time again. – To go out of our way to source ethically manufactured fabrics where possible, without sacrificing luxury, or style. – To Support the British manufacturing industry by employing local machinists, and to support local communities     worldwide by only sourcing fabrics from small local production units, where workers are paid a fair, living wage. – To mobilise an army of women that are fashion conscious, and socially aware!


What we do

– In keeping with a “Slow Fashion concept”, we produce as demand requires in limited quantities. With each piece manufactured, to the highest standards and always, with style and lasting quality in mind. – We support the British manufacturing economy by employing local machinists, and we support local communities worldwide by only sourcing fabrics from small local production units. – We always offer you a choice, providing you with an opportunity to create something unique, with a perfect fit through our bespoke service.

Sarah Thompson – Meditation facilitator and Reiki Master

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Sarah Thompson

Mediation Facilitator & Reiki Master


I was first drawn to Meditation and Reiki, when a close friend of mine offered to give me a Reiki treatment to complement the chemotherapy I was receiving to cure my Leukaemia.  I didn’t know what to expect but didn’t have anything to lose and after one session I was hooked! At the same time my Dad was encouraging me to meditate in order to help me ‘control my state’ while I was stuck in hospital for weeks at a time.

Seven years later, I am a Life Coach, Reiki Master and practice Meditation on a daily basis. I also lead Meditation sessions from my home and facilitate sessions for both the adults and students at the Secondary School where I work. I have very successful results with those who suffer from anxiety, stress and anger problems. I truly believe that Mediation should be made compulsory in schools.


I love teaching the art of Meditation to others. Once you have experienced the level of complete calm and bliss that Meditation can give you, you will never lose it. The most amazing thing is that you can do it anywhere and it’s free! All you have to do is close your eyes.

Sarah Thompson

I believe that a combination of Meditation and Reiki keeps me healthy and well and it will always be an extremely important part of my life.


Book to attend Sarah’s meditation workshop.


Beverley East – Speaker at Inspirational YOU (Challenge 2012) on Saturday 22nd September

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Beverley East will be joining the Inspirational YOU panel for ‘Don’t Stereotype Me’ at Challenge 2012 at the Southbank Centre in London on Saturday 22nd September 2012.

Beverley East is a  Jamaican  handwriting expert / Forensic Document Examiner and an author.  She was educated in London and has lived in Washington D.C.  for the last 25 years.  She is a proud mother of a 20 year Honor Role Business economist student.  Her work has taken her all over the world, including Bahrain, Japan most of Europe and the United States and the Caribbean.   She currently lives between Jamaica, Washington D.C. and London.

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