Inspirational YOU interview – Jacky Wright (VP at Microsoft)

Jacky Wright – Vice President of Microsoft IT Strategic Enterprise Services

Jacky Wright oversees Microsoft IT’s Enterprise Services and Platform. These services range from SAP, AX, and process services such as Quality & Business Excellence and Supplier Management.

Her Strategic Enterprise Services IT (SES) organization drives product and operational excellence, agility, and customer centricity across the Company.

What are three words that describe you?

Three words that describe me are: inquisitive, focused, and nurturing.

How did you secure your role at Microsoft and BP?

I spoke at a Minority Women’s Business conference, and a Microsoft recruiter approached me after asking me to explore opportunities at the company. For BP, I was recommended to an executive search firm by a former boss and mentor. Finding the opportunity at BP was a true testament to having a ‘sponsor’.


What did you study?

I attended university at the City University of New York at Baruch College and focused my studies on Accounting and Computer Science. I also took some graduate coursework in Logistics and Management, and took various leadership courses.

What are your interests?

Outside of work I enjoy attending cultural events for music and visual arts, and spending time with my family, which is quite large. I also enjoy speaking with young folks about their careers – they energize me!

What are your three tips for those entering your profession?

  • Be the best you can, strive for excellence in every role, and differentiate yourself from the pack.
  • Take the time to learn from your experiences and build relationships.
  • Learn about the industry that interests you and make sure you have a strong network of key individuals as mentors, sponsors and coaches who can guide you on your career journey.

 Who do you admire?

I admire many people, especially those quiet leaders who do great things to help mankind, such as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, and Tawakkol Karman.

2 thoughts on “Inspirational YOU interview – Jacky Wright (VP at Microsoft)

  1. Hey, so proud of you Jacky and to think I was honoured to sit next to you in class William Forster School back in the day .Been trying to reach you for awhile now.. Would really like to hear from you. Have seen some of your pics including your mum she’s looks so great. Oh yeah, its me Sheela. Sheela Honiss. nee Gocool. HI, so many yeas to catch up on..

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