Inspirational YOU speaker – Dr Eyman Osman – Saturday 30th June 2012

Dr Eyman Osman- Science Education and Research Consultant (Molecular Biology and Genetics Specialist) will be speaking about the power of science.

Dr Eyman Osman has over 15 years experience in the scientific research arena, working alongside research scientists at University College London where she completed her PhD in the novel field of gene therapy, The Heart Institute, British Heart Foundation as well as contributing to the world renowned Human Genome Project.

Not following the traditional career path, Dr Osman recognised that the public image of scientists was not “sexy”. She knows science to be an important, vital and fundamental process of inquiry enabling the discovery and development of all sectors. Eyman means faith and she is also the author of a new exciting blog which aims to stimulate interest in science and examine the social, cultural and ethical impact of science using her passion for the arts.

Eyman believes innovative public engagement and research has the power to increase creativity in the arts as well as improving education, health and quality of life of people worldwide. With this at her core, she also has over a decades experience as a freelance science communicator and education officer for institutes such as the Science Museum London, British Museum, British Film Institute, Local Government Authority, Royal Festival Hall, as well as many inner-city primary/secondary schools.

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