YBS Talks Business & Enterprise – Friday 16th November – Stephen Lawrence Trust

Young, Black and Successful CIC presents….

YBS Talks Business & Entrepreneurship 

2012 marks the 5th annual Global Enterprise Week in the UK and Young, Black and Successful CIC are preparing for it with a bang!

Students, young people and professionals are starting their own businesses at a rapid rate and the opportunities are vast and many! In this series of YBS Talks… We will explore just what it takes to make it in the world of Business and Entrepreneurship!


Ronke Lawal – CEO of Islington Chamber of Commerce

Sonia Meggie – Founder of Inspirational YOU

Ketan Makwana – Founder of Youth Enterprise LIVE

Sabian Muhammed – Co-Director of Enterprise LAB

Junior Ogenyemi – Speaker and social entrepreneur

Dwain Reid – Business mentor, coach and speaker
and many more…

Please e-mail abigail@ybsgroup.co.uk or visit our websites/ social network links

Follow us @ybsgroup

REGISTER HERE: http://ybstalksbusiness.eventbrite.com/ EarlybirdTickets are £3

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