Elaine Powell (Professional Speaker & Public Speaking coach) – Speaker – Saturday 12th January 2013 – Be Inspired

ep_home_main3-300x95Elaine Powell is a professional speaker, public speaking coach & comedian.  She has trained over 5000 people in public speaking, continually wins speaking competitions and is a regular on the storytelling and comedy circuit.

Fear of public speaking puts many people off from facing their fears, speaking with confidence & making their mark in the world.  Elaine’s mission is to help equip, empower & inspire people through SWC’s workshops, 1:1 coaching, videos and on-line tutorials.

Mastering these skills will help you to become a respected leader, achieve more, gain more, earn more and very importantly have fun.

More info: http://www.elainepowell.com      https://twitter.com     https://www.facebook.com/elainepowelluk

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