Jill Saville (Dintrar) Executive coach and entrepreneur (Speaker) – Leading Women – Saturday 12th Janurary 2013 – Be Inspired

Jill will be joining our Inspirational YOU ‘ Leading Women’s’ panel on Saturday 12th January.


Jill has enjoyed a business career in strategic planning and change management in the equality and diversity arena before becoming a coach. She has an MA in Social Security Management and, having had training with three different organisations, has been a professional coach for six years.  A leadership trainer with the John Maxwell Team and ICF coach, her passion is to increase the number of women at senior level. She is currently the VP for the ICF in Luxembourg.

Interview with Jill

Tell us a little about your background.

My background – I worked in the UK public sector for 30 years; I joined while I decided what I wanted to be…I met a Frenchman, took early retirement, moved to France and now help people to change their lives. I also teach English and run a small B & B (chambres d’hôtes).

Why did you change careers?

I had qualified as a coach in the UK and when I met Laurent I decided to take a risk

What are your interests?

I love people so most things revolve around that. I invite people and Laurent cooks:)

What is your mantra?

I tell myself ‘it’s not about me’

Who do you admire?

My mother, my old music teacher, Richard Branson, Christine Lagarde,

What do you do to keep motivated?

Listen to John Maxwell or one of my mentors

Any new happenings?

I have been asked to put together the 2013 Leadership Academy for Women in Luxembourg and I’m honoured!

How can we contact you?




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