Gemma Feare – Graduate, mentor and Miss Jamaica UK (Speaker) – I am young and I am winning – Saturday 23rd March 2013

Gemma Feare will be joining our ‘I am young and I am winning’ panel on Saturday 23rd March at Birkbeck, University of London.


Gemma is just 21 and has lived an enviable and animated life. She has travelled the world, won awards and inspired many people along her short but fruitful journey thus far. Gemma believe’s that her positive attitude and own personal life experiences, which include surviving the 2005 Thailand Tsunami, have helped shaped her character today.

She is a very pro-active and ambitious young woman who creates her own opportunities and works hard to meet her own exceptionally high standards. Upon meeting her, you are instantly captivated by her great sense of humour, boundless energy and dazzling smile. Her undeniable enthusiasm always seems to encourage those around her.

Since Gemma is able to offer total commitment and dedication to her work, she consistently manages to succeed and excel. Along the way, she habitually exercises her creative energy and has a lot of fun doing so.

Gemma recently won the Miss Jamaica UK 2012 pageant in London.

Miss Jamaica UK high res

In 2012 Gemma achieved a First Class Honours in Business Management with Commercial Law from the University of Westminster and plans to attend Cass Business School in 2013 following her reign as Miss Jamaica UK. She will study for a Masters in Management, incorporating the Entrepreneurship pathway.

In 2011, Gemma officially became an Actor and Member of the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain which gave her the opportunity to work with some of the finest actors and tutors in the business and gain valuable skills and knowledge. She also became a Member of Battersea Arts Centre in the same year and achieved the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts’ (LAMDA) Communication Award.

Inspiring young people and helping them to build a strong foundation for their future is a role Gemma takes very seriously. She is a former Student Ambassador and e-Mentor and has become heavily involved in encouraging those from the community via youth programmes  Such as RAP Mentors project (Reaching All People), which provides effective solutions to serious violence and aims to transform communities, schools and homes.

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