Ketan Makwana – Director of Rockstar Youth (Speaker) – Inspire YOUth at London Youth on Wednesday 1st May 2013

Ketan Makwana will be joining our Inspire YOUth launch at London Youth on Wednesday 1st May.  This evening is supported by GoThinkBig.

Accidental Entrepreneur Ketan Makwana has started and successfully sold a series of agencies since 2009 focussed on business development, branding and growth.


Ketan has a focus and passion in business, enterprise and Youth Development his current agency Enterprise Lab launched in summer 2011 and is now working on education, employability and enterprise programmes in 11 countries impacting 35,000 people

Ketan Makwana 1

In 2012  Ketan co-founded and delivered Youth Enterprise Live a showcase for 15-30 year olds focussing on opportunities in education, employment and enterprise. The show was supported by Prime Minister David Cameron; this has now evolved into a 12 city regional tour.


Ketan is a Non-Exec Director on a number of companies, sits on the Advisory Board for Youth Employment UK and Enterprise India. He is also a Director of Rockstar Youth a UK leading funding and mentoring organisation that has delivered over £2m start-up funding and mentoring to over 500 businesses started up by 18-30 year olds.

Ketan works with the UK Government and International ministries on employability and enterprise eco-systems; he is a mentor, international speaker and ambassador of youth enterprise models. His key experience is in ideation and developing an enterprising mindset.

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One thought on “Ketan Makwana – Director of Rockstar Youth (Speaker) – Inspire YOUth at London Youth on Wednesday 1st May 2013

  1. I met Ketan briefly on one occasion at a political event, and is often the case, we still haven’t had a chance to meet, equally, Shawn Baily spoke very highly of his work. We need more like this in the areas least likely to know of these opportunities, enterprise is critical to the development of community resilience. The event is firmly in my diary, great work Sonia Meggie…….

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