@RoySmooth – Leading men – Inspirational YOU – Derby – Thursday 24th April 2014

Roy Smooth will be joining our ‘Leading Men’ masterclass at the Qaud in Derby on Thursday 24th April 2014.


Roy Smoothe_thoughtful


Roy Smoothe known as ‘The Cool Entrepreneur’ is a popular and internationally recognized innovator in the world of personal development, and brand development. In his early years Roy was a serial entrepreneur and the winner of several business & entrepreneur awards.

Roy creates and advances world-class projects and high-impact initiatives that improve the way people learn, work and live in business, education, sports and life. He is known for delivering products or services in his own cool but engaging style. Roy believes that cool is a perception. It is engaging, alluring, attractive and it’s a way of life. His motto “look cool – feel cool – be cool” captures his philosophy in a simple acronym…

C – Conceive the concept, create the product and connect with the market.

O – Organise yourself, be original, and think optimistically

O – Optimize your performance and overcome obstacles

L – Live the Dream

As a successful young entrepreneur Roy’s curiosity and fascination of business achievement set him on a journey to seek out the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and professional speakers to discover and expose ‘The Secret’ behind their success. With this he developed an innovative audio book concept called the Smoothe Mixx (spoken messages mixed with cool music) which is now taking content delivery in the personal development, business knowledge and training world to a new level.

Roy is passionate about teaching young people to dream unlock and maximize their potential. He is emerging as a popular voice speaking to young people, entrepreneurs and organisations about entrepreneurship, developing a cool brand & the cool side of business. If you’re an Individual or organisation looking for the inspiration to take your idea, concept or business to the next level, then speaking with Roy Smoothe could be the answer.



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