Money Talks #2: Balancing the Bank

Great blog post by @IdeasGenius

Ideas Genius

We’re getting into our finances this month. This instalment leans more towards personal finances; however the principles also apply with business accounting too. I wanted to write this series on money because it’s one of those areas where many businesses struggle. It’s simply because we won’t talk about it. We are too embarrassed or feel it might be used to judge us. After all, the quote goes ‘numbers don’t lie’. In a recent survey more people in Britain said they are more comfortable talking about their sexual history than their finances (Discover Society, 2014).

Jar of Coins cropOur second instalment on the topic of money is delicate art of balancing the books. We have this statement called a bank balance. However we often miss the implication in the words: matching outgoings with incomings. The following can help us get to grips with staying on top of that balancing act.

Know what’s coming in…

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