Nana Evans

Nana Evans

Founder of Love YaaYaa

Passion into profits – Fashion and technology masterclass

Impact Hub, Brixton

Stratford resident Nana Evans is an online marketing genius. The busy mother of 2 young boys launched her store LoveYaaYaa accessories in August 2014, and has amassed over 2,000 sales through social media and word of mouth alone. “The response has been phenomenal, and I have had had sales from America, Australia, Ghana and the UK,” says Nana enthusiastically. Nana comes from a long line of tailors.

Her mother is an excellent seamstress, and her sister and her uncle both sew too. Nana launched her first accessories business in 2007. The business called (insert name) gave her first-hand experience of the business world. At the time, she had two seamstresses working with her, and a workshop in East London. The business done well, and Nana put it on hold shortly before she got married and had her first child in (insert year).

Nana’s second son followed in quick session, and like many parents, Nana and her husband Russell found it hard to live on one salary. It was at that point that Nana decided to go back into business.

LoveYaaYaa differs from anything that Nana has done before because of the unique branding, and the passion behind it. Before her family came along, Nana thought it would be nice if the business worked. This time around, it had to work, and she sometimes works through the night making the handmade accessories in order to make her business work. Being a mother-preneur is not for everyone, but Nana loves the experience. “I believe we have the power to create a life that we truly want.

I am passionate about my business, and I have 3 full days of work, and 2 full days with my boys in the week as well as the weekends. It is a sacrifice, but live-work balance is important to me, as is keeping healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually. My husband is also amazing and supports me in everything I do. It was a risk but I am glad that I took it,” concludes Nana. It seems like the risk has paid off.

With 200 orders coming in a month, and the figure rising month on month, 2 new staff members, and plans to move to a big workshop soon, the LoveYaaYaa brand is proof that you can achieve anything once you put your mind to it.

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