Apply for a IY mentor

Mentors help you gain self-awareness, confidence, respect your colleagues and a better team player.

Benefits of having a mentor

    You want change professionally

Mentors – know how to adapt, and they’ll show you how to do the same. By learning new skills and making the right changes, you will be an asset to any employer.

    You’ll gain a confidant

This is someone you’ll share your work and personal concerns with – so transparency is key to progress.

    You’ll have someone who’s got your back

Your mentor may act as a Sponsor and sing your praises to decision-makers.

    Gain transferable skills

Your job title doesn’t define you. It doesn’t reveal all your skills, potential and passions. Your mentor learn what makes you tick and help you plan your career or business goals, spot personal development opportunities and even refer you for jobs that you are suitable.

    You’ll feel happier at work

A mentor will help you hone your craft and become more competent at your job or as a leader.

    You want to make more money

Your mentor will have the experience to help you negotiate better pay, negotiate better pay, get promoted and consider new job opportunities.

    You’ll become a better person

Your mentor is an accountability buddy who will call you out. By telling you your strengths and your weaknesses, they will help you gain self-awareness, growth and build your character.

    Get focused

Do you need direction and someone to direct you professionally? This is your space to get feedback from someone external who will increase your motivation and morale.

    You’ll keep on learning

Most senior colleagues have a mentor or coach. The benefits of coaching and mentoring don’t stop as your progress. You’re never too experienced or senior up to be mentored.

    You can become a mentor, too

It feels good to nurture talent and you can pick up mentoring skills on the job, particularly with regard to leadership and communication. A mentee, coming at a problem from a different angle, can also help you to see a new perspective on the issue.

Apply to register your interest today.


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