Let’s talk about relationships and self care – Wednesday 30th October 2019

Wednesday 30th October 2019
Inspirational YOU


Bend so you don’t break 

Let’s talk about relationship and self care

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Inspirational YOU Presents
Bend So You Don’t BreakLet’s talk about relationships, wellbeing & self care series

Join us for a relationship and self care discussion in conjunction with Ace of Jacks Entertainment, Unedited to support Black Cultural Archives.

As you reflect on the last 2 months of 2019, come along to our interactive safe space to openly talk about relationships and wellbeing.

Discussion points:

  • The ingredients of a successful relationship
  • Happiness and healthy communication
  • Pre and post relationship support
  • Confidence and starting again
  • Self care and healing
  • Co-parenting

HOST: Bernard P. Achampong – Radio Director & Digital Content Executive                           

Mr Oh – Wellness Champion and Author  
Donald Mbeutcha – Business Development Specialist and member of @DopeBlackDads  
Vivian Frimpong – Oral Hygiene Specialist and Founder of Oral Africa Care  
Stephen Omowale Thomas – Father and Mindfulness Teacher   
Andre Skepple – CEO of FullSpektrum    

Relationships can reduce stress and have been linked to overall improved health. Researchers have even shown that people with healthy social relationships have a 50 percent greater likelihood of survival. But relationships are challenging – sometimes exhausting at best. People with poor relationships are more likely to suffer from depression, and loneliness is powerful enough to weaken our immune system. ============================================================== 

More info:

Email: info@inspirationalyou.co.uk

Info: 07772 527 813 / 07545 156 111


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