Monday 22nd June 2020

8pm – 9pm via webinar

Let’s talk about race in education – Young people onlY

Inspirational YOU invites teenagers and young people to talk about their secondary school experience and racism.

We are currently witnessing global demonstrations to unite against racism and much of this is led by young people who are standing in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

We are inviting students aged 11 – 21 to a webinar to talk about their experiences in school.

  • We want to see racism and bias addressed in school.
  • A call to action for schools to address the way students are treated from an ethnic minority background.
  • Share examples of what you have experienced in school
  • What does your school’s senior leadership look like?
  • What would you like your school to do to address bias and assumptions
  • What does your reading list look like?
  • How do you feel about racism?
  • Are your grades impacted?
  • School suspensions and exclusions
  • Support given by your school

NOTE – This is not a session to discuss the name of your school or particular teachers.