BBC 3 are looking to follow a black-owned business over the coming lockdown and few months following🎄. Deadline – End of this week on Sunday (8 Nov). Submit Your Interest Now.

BBC 3 are producing a documentary series about the extra obstacles black-owned businesses face e.g. funding🧳, access to loans👩🏾‍💻 and support💆🏾, as well as using data to assess the impact black-owned businesses can make on the black community.

Ideally BBC 3 are looking for a black-owned business run by someone under 30 and who isn’t camera shy.

To apply to go on the show, the email address for people to message is

Ashni is the producer.

Please provide Ashni with the following basic information. A sentence for each of these three bits would be great:

  1. Name, age, business name and best way to contact you
  2. A sentence on why you started the business?
  3. A sentence on how your business is doing atm? Are you struggling? How are you coping?

All the best👊🏾