Inspirational YOU speaker – Sheryl Nwosu (Barrister) – Saturday 30th June 2012


Sheryl Nwosu – Lawyer – Criminal Barrister joins our ‘succeeding in law’ panel on Saturday 30th June 2012.

Sheryl is a barrister practising from one of the largest specialist criminal sets in the country.

Called to the Bar in 2000 and gaining a tenancy in her first set of Chambers in early 2001 she then built up a busy practice at the Bar both defending and prosecuting in the full catalogue of criminal cases including murder.

Her decision to become an advocate or Barrister was motivated in part by some of the social injustices she observed and perceived whilst growing up on what was described as a “socially and economically deprived” housing estate in North West London; having been told that even if she did pass the “notoriously difficult” Bar entrance exams that the Bar was a difficult profession for a woman she decided that this was the profession for her; she always states that she has never thought of her background, sex or colour as a bar to her ambitions or to what she knew she was going to achieve.

Having been a lawyer for 12 years she cites one of her greatest achievements as being told by young people, who she encounters through her work and other activities such as mentoring, that she is an inspiration to them.

Sheryl now solely defends in criminal cases and remains passionate about being an advocate for those who may find themselves at times without a voice.

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