IYTalksGlobal – Enterprise in the UAE and Africa – Generation X and Y – Tuesday 30th July 2013

IY Talks Global Enterprise in the UAE and Africa

The rise of Generation X and Y


Date: Tuesday 30th July 2013

Time: 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Location: YouTube, London Studio

 This will also feature a Google Hangout


FREE studio tickets: http://IYTalksGlobal.eventbrite.co.uk/

The UAE and African today offer exciting opportunities for professionals in employment, business and through investment.

This will be a lively interactive studio debate around enterprise and career opportunities’ in Africa and the UAE


Who should attend?

  • This event is intended to support students, professionals, entrepreneurs and established businesses actively considering working in Africa or the UAE.
  • Those setting up or thinking of expanding their business into African or UAE markets.
  • Those seeking career opportunities in Africa or UAE.
  • Those who want to network and connect with others that will inspire and provide them with the essential information and advice needed to get ahead.


Garry Green – Barrister at Tooks Chambers and Inspirational YOU presenter


  • Rozan Ahmed – International PR consultant, writer, cultural analyst and activist (based in UAE/Africa)



  • Hamet Aguemon – Director at VTB Capital (Based in Dubai), former banker at Goldman Sachs
  • Ashley Chin – UK Actor, Director and Writer
  • Sarah Asafo-Agyei – Director at Bank of Singapore UK, former VP at Barclays Wealth (Africa)
  • Special guest – COO of an International bank

Plus more…

What will be discussed?

  • Why the speakers accepted career opportunities outside of the UK
  • The influence and role of technology in Africa and UAE
  • The role of new media in Africa and UAE
  • Ethical business
  • The importance of securing skills and experience outside of the UK
  • Marketing your skills and experience in Africa and the UAE
  • Issues to consider when moving your career to Africa or UAE
  • Tips for expanding your business into new markets
  • Cultural ownership

This evening will feature inspirational leaders and senior professionals who will give an insight into their industry and discuss how to grow your enterprise.

Africa technology

You will hear success stories – and cautionary tales – of those who have successfully worked or relocated to Africa / UAE and are pursuing their career and business goals.


There is nothing so inspiring as true stories of success.

FREE tickets: http://IYTalksGlobal.eventbrite.co.uk/

If you would like to sponsor, exhibit or participate in future workshops and talks, then please get in contact with the Inspirational YOU team.

You can contact them here:



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