EmpresS*1 (Poet) – SW4 Pop Up Shop celebration – Friday 20th December 2013

EmpresS *1 “Egypt’s First Egyptian Female Rapper” and Poetess will sing her latest song for Egypt and for Freedom and Justice Universally, “We Need Change”… Known as a Poetess by the name Princess Emmanuelle from over a decade ago. EmpresS *1 has toured as a rap-poetess and Workshop facilitator through Kamitan Arts in Egypt, UK, Sudan, and Brazil…


“holding the flag for women who are generally under-represented in the arts and cultural world, specifically in the Hip-Hop scene. THE ‘First Female Egyptian Rapper’ has the guts to address those MAJOR issues such as Freedom of Speech, Women’s Rights etc and manages to be extremely respected for that, all over the Egyptian media, because her music talks about Love, Justice, Equality, Freedom, Respect, Unity, Dual Identity, Oppression, Peace, Female Independence…” (Afrolution.com 2011)

Watch her perform on Friday 20th December.


PopUp-flyer PRINT2


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