Rosie Davies – Agency Director of @LDNFashionAgcy

Rosie Davies


Agency Director of The London Fashion Agency

Thursday 21st April 2016

Passion into profits – Fashion and technology masterclass

Impact Hub, Brixton

Meet London Fashion Agency Director, Rosie Davies. Since founding the agency in 2013 Rosie has worked with more than 60 brands, secured coverage in more than 200 publications and has just launched the UK’s first online PR and marketing resources shop. Rosie is reinventing the way small brands tackle PR and marketing.

After interning and then freelancing she realised brands in start-up phase with small budgets, weren’t being catered for by any PR agency in London. “I felt like PR agencies were becoming outdated in the emerging brand scene. Designers were coming to me saying they could sell their brand to the press better than an agency could but they didn’t have the contacts. That’s where I came in.”

Rosie prides herself on being able to position a brand very quickly, pointing them in the right direction in terms of bloggers and press and then support them along the way. In 2013 she started LFA. Despite the big name (The London Fashion Agency) she was determined to keep costs affordable. “I’ve never borrowed a penny to get the agency off the ground. I worked other jobs to keep my head above water in the beginning, We have never out sourced anything – We built the website, the office desks and the agency on our own. If I didn’t know how to do something, I Googled it…. It’s amazing what you can learn on the internet.

We have no investors or loans to pay which means I can keep costs affordable for our brands” . The now 28-year-old has moved studios twice to keep up with growth and has a great team of friendly freelancers.

In 2015, the agency was shortlisted for Creative Agency of the year and Rosie won a Great British Entrepreneur Award. The success and growth has never distracted Rosie from the original idea. She continues to work with small designers and brands, offering varying options of PR, marketing and graphic design. “ We love independent brands. The feeling you get when you are such an integral part of a start-up is irreplaceable. Our ‘Friendly Fashion Only’ policy means we work with the best designers from around the UK. In a few years LFA will be the go-to support for all emerging brands wanting to break into the UK market.”

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