Lets talk about relationships – 23rd May 2018

Join us on Wednesday 23rd May at @bcaheritage for ‘Lets talk about relationships’ co-hosted by Tamu CEO of @livethreesixty & co-founder @motherhood_rx –

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Black Cultural Archives, Brixton

Join us for a relationship and self care discussion in conjunction with Ace of Jacks Radio, we are unedited and Motherhood Reconstructed

Discussion points: –

▪️Modern day dating experiences

▪️The ingredients of a successful marriage and relationship

▪️Happiness and healthy communication

▪️Expectations V reality


Tamu Thomas –  Co-Founder of Motherhood Constructed & @livethreesixty Sixty


Sonia Meggie – Founder of Inspirational YOU


– – #NathanielOke Pg Dip – Director at Talking Therapy Clinic Ltd, Psychotherapist| & Trainer .

– @jahdusha V. Shines – Life Coach and Editor of Natural Hair Weekly

. – @seniornobleman Leeman Robinson – Entrepreneur, host, vlogger, marketing Professional and father of two

. – @womanonamission1  #SorayaBowen – Professional Fundraiser & Community Development Specialist

– @KandyHolgate – Life Coach & Relationship coach


. ▪️Book: https://selfcare2018.eventbrite.co.uk

More info:

Email: info@inspirationalyou.co.uk

Info: 07545156111

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