On Wednesday 11th December, @inspirational_u returns with ‘Bend so you don’t break’ – Let’s talk about relationships and self care featuring André Skepple

André Skepple @skeppz is an engaged father of one and previously a life science research specialist in immunology, protein diagnostics and bioengineering.

Although he was diagnosed with dyspraxia and dyslexia at 21, he progressively overcame challenges in his learning & development and is now Founder & CEO of a London-based Applied Science and Technology company called FullSpektrum Ltd.

FullSpektrum are developing a web-based LMS platform called ‘cognitude’, designed to provide early-stage identifications of learning disorders, as well as support and manage the learning & development of neurodiverse individuals with #dyslexia, #dyspraxia and #dyscalculia. This is achieved by monitoring their cognitive aptitudes via diagnostic assessments, neuropsychometric analysis and prescribed psychoeducational interventions, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) computing and machine learning algorithms. .

FullSpektrum and André are fully committed to improving the lives of children, young people and professional adults with these conditions so they are able to learn better, live happily and achieve their full potential.

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