Edna do Rosário Martins – Let’s talk about relationships and self care – Wednesday 11th December 2019

We are excited to announce that we will be joined by International Relationship Therapist & Business Psychologist Edna do Rosário Martins on Wednesday 11th December 2019

for ‘Let’s talk about relationships & self care’

A Chartered Business Psychologist with 22 years experience (spanning a broad range of industries and sectors across multiple continents).

Edna specialises in global Change Management and has worked with many senior executives and the leadership teams of multi-billion £ corporate organisations – helping them to manage disruptive organisational change or transition to a new culture. She uses cutting-edge psychological and business tools to change and develop the mindsets of stakeholders and sponsors.

Edna also applies her experience of the “psychology of change” to individuals who want to make changes in their journey to find their life-long partner. A keen advocate of empowering others to date using a framework that brings about proven and desirable results.

Book today:


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