Let’s talk about relationships and self care – Wednesday 11th December 2019

Inspirational YOU


Bend so you don’t break 

Let’s talk about relationships

Wellbeing & Self care series

Wednesday 11th December 2019

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Black Cultural Archives

“Healthy relationships enable us to be who we are,” says Mary Jo Kreitzer, Ph.D., R.N., Director of the Center for Spirituality & Healing. “They nurture us and they help us grow. They help us become better people.” 

Join us for a relationship and self care discussion in conjunction with Ace of Jacks Ents, Unedited to support Black Cultural Archives

As you reflect on the final month of 2019, come along to our interactive discussion focused on relationships and wellbeing.

Discussion points:

  • The ingredients of a successful relationship
  • Happiness and healthy communication
  • Pre and post relationship support
  • Starting again
  • Self care and healing


Bernard P. Achampong – Radio Director & Digital Content Executive


Our host, Bernard P Achampong, has over 25 years media experience. He worked as an engineer in Biotech and Aerospace companies. He joined the BBC in 2002 and was part of the team that launched BBC Radio 1Xtra. Since then, he has journeyed through contrasting cultures within the same organisation: from the street savvy youth brands of Radio 1 and BBC Introducing, to the more Oxbridge-friendly Today Programme on Radio 4 and BBC Proms. In 2016, he joined Coventry University’s Entrepreneurship faculty where the established culture of academia challenged everything he knew about organisations.

“My job as a host is to get the people on the panel and the people who came to hear from them closer together; getting those questions asked and those answers shared.”

Bernard is a regular Inspirational YOU host, leading on our popular Relationship and Well-being seminars.  He is the Founder of Unedited Production company and a Radio Director    


Donald Mbeutcha – Business Development Specialist, Married and Father and member of @DopeBlackDads

Donald 2019

Married with four children; two of which are homeschooled.  He works in business finance merchant services. Donald suffered from depression, suicidal ideas and thoughts and loneliness, even in marriage, counselling and joining #DBD has given me the band of brothers, role models, family and moral sounding board to bring me to where he is today. 

Andre Skepple – CEO of FullSpektrum


André Skepple is an engaged father of one and previously a life science research specialist in immunology, protein diagnostics and bio-engineering.

Although he was diagnosed with dyspraxia and dyslexia at 21, he progressively overcame challenges in his learning & development and is now Founder & CEO of a London-based Applied Science and Technology company called FullSpektrum Ltd.

FullSpektrum are developing a web-based LMS platform called ‘cognitude’, designed to provide early-stage identifications of learning disorders, as well as support and manage the learning & development of neurodiverse individuals with dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. This is achieved by monitoring their cognitive aptitudes via diagnostic assessments, neuropsychometric analysis and prescribed psychoeducational interventions, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) computing and machine learning algorithms.

FullSpektrum and André are fully committed to improving the lives of children, young people and professional adults with these conditions so they are able to learn better, live happily and achieve their full potential.

Edna do Rosário Martins MBA –  International Relationship Therapist & Business Psychologist

Edna 2019

A Chartered Business Psychologist with 22 years experience (spanning a broad range of industries and sectors across multiple continents).

Edna specialises in global Change Management and has worked with many senior executives and the leadership teams of multi-billion £ corporate organisations – helping them to manage disruptive organisational change or transition to a new culture. She uses cutting-edge psychological and business tools to change and develop the mindsets of stakeholders and sponsors.

Edna also applies her experience of the “psychology of change” to individuals who want to make changes in their journey to find their life-long partner. A keen advocate of empowering others to date using a framework that brings about proven and desirable results.

Lindani Njie – Speaker, Writer & Poet


Lindani has an MSc in Leadership, development and security from King’s College, his focus and work is centred around youth education, wellbeing, economic and personal development. He is a speaker, a writer and a poet.

He is a member of New Nation a youth organisation based in Gambia that promotes educational development and youth advocacy. His poetry incorporates relationships, activism and love.


Relationships can reduce stress and have been linked to overall improved health. Researchers have even shown that people with healthy social relationships have a 50 percent greater likelihood of survival.

But relationships are challenging – sometimes exhausting at best. People with poor relationships are more likely to suffer from depression, and loneliness is powerful enough to weaken our immune system.


Book: https://relationshipsandselfcare2019.eventbrite.co.uk

More info:

Email: info@inspirationalyou.co.uk

Info: 07772 527 813 / 07545 156 111

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