Dr Mark Richards – Director of Outreach – Physics (Speaker) – Be Inspired 2 – Saturday 23rd March 2013

Dr Mark Richards will be joining our ‘Leading men’s’ panel at Be Inspired 2 on Saturday 23rd March 2013.


Dr Mark Richards has a BSc in Chemistry, a PhD in Atmospheric Physics, and currently lectures at Imperial College London.


In 2008, he co-founded Duvas, a spinout technology business that specializes in wireless air sensor networks. Mark is also an active member of Imperial As One – the Universities‘ Race Equality Advisory Group and also sits on their Equality and Diversity Committee.


Dr Richards is also the Director of Outreach within the Physics Department and has been involved in numerous public engagement and outreach programs that aim to encourage more students from minority backgrounds to pursue science and engineering as study and career choices.


As a student most of Marks’ spare time was spent DJing (as DJ Kemist), holding down a radio show on London’s Unique FM for several years. More recently he founded Xtremix Records, an independent label that provides a remixing service to the music industry.

Book your ticket: http://IYbeinspired2.eventbrite.com

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